Higher Strength, Higher Quality, 3D-Printing.

Toucan3D is an Austrian startup developing variable line width 3D printing, producing much faster and stronger prints.

Our Philosophy: Sustainability and High Performance


What you get with Toucan3D

Revolutionizing 3D printing, our innovative variable linewidth and heating solution dynamically adjust extrusion widths, combining multiple lines into one for faster, more efficient prints.

Up to 80% decreased printing time

Our cutting-edge technology offers lightning-fast printing times, revolutionizing speed without compromising quality.

Up to 40% stronger parts

High structural integrity and performance. Whether you need to print prototypes or series models we help you achieve your goals with confidence.

Higher Quality

Improved quality of the printed parts eliminates the need for post-processing. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors or defects.


Our technology can be easily retrofitted to existing printers, making them more eco-friendly and more cost-effective.


What drives us: a more sustainable and independent future.
With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we are committing our company to a worthy cause.

#9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Enhancing manufacturing processes, our FDM printing technology reduces waste and lowers costs, directly contributing to more sustainable and efficient production, in line with SDG Goal 9.

#12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Optimized for efficiency and speed, our FDM printing process produces parts on demand with minimal waste and energy usage, aligning with SDG Goal 12's aim for sustainable consumption and production.

#13 Climate Action

By reducing energy use compared to traditional methods, our printing techniques help minimize the effects of climate change, aligning with SDG Goal 13's focus on climate action through eco-friendly practices.

#17 Partnerships for the Goals

We collaborate globally, offering high-quality service and support while contributing to the fight against climate change and environmental degradation, aligning with SDG Goal 17's emphasis on partnerships for sustainable development.

This is us

Our Founding Team


Andreas Zapfl | CEO

Rich background in business and tech, driving innovation and growth in the 3D printing sector. Previously Lead Product Engineer at EET. 🚀


Thomas Seidl | CTO

Mechanical engineer with expertise in product development and FDM manufacturing, years of professional experience in the field. 🛠️


Markus Müller | Hardware

Experienced hardware engineer with years of background in the startup industry and the gym. MSc Graduate in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Head of R&D at EET. 💪


Peter Waldert | Software

Research Software Engineer developing our cutting-edge slicer. Oxford MSc Graduate in Maths. BSc² in Physics and Computer Science. Previously EET. 🪂

Backed by

Our Mentors


Franz Haas | Mentor

Dean of the Faculty of Mechnaical Engineering and Economics as well as Head of the Institute of Production Engineering at Graz University of Technology.


Sigrid Weber | Mentor

CEO and founder of moonstruck.studio where she provides coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs, the self-employed, teams and organizations.

Development of Toucan3D

Timeline of our Endeavours

February 2022: Ideation

Development of Thomas' idea on Variable Line Width Printing

February 2023: POC

The proof of concept for the idea we had in mind has been successfully demonstrated

October 2023: Assembly of a Founding Team

With the future in mind, we found a strong technical team up to the challenge

June 2023: Acceptance at Science Park Graz

Enrolled in Science Park Graz High Tech Business Incubation Programme

July 2023: 2nd Prototype Working

The second iteration of our hardware has been completed

October 2023: Demo Prints with our Technology

Ability to print various 3D objects demonstrating technical advantage

February 2024: Arbitrary Object Slicing

Leap in the maturity level of our slicer (written in Rust), now processing arbitrary 3D models

Our Partners

A strong network of industrial and institutional partners



Frequently Asked Questions

A number of natural questions that usually come up.
Don't hesitate to come see our printer in action!

What makes Toucan3D's printing technology different from traditional 3D printing methods?

Toucan3D's technology features innovative variable line width and an advanced heating solution, allowing for faster print times, stronger parts, and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional FDM printing methods.

What industries can benefit from Toucan3D's printing technology?

Our technology is ideal for print farms offering 3D printing services and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to produce parts in-house. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of these businesses, providing efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality printing capabilities.

How does Toucan3D contribute to sustainability and environmental goals?

Our 3D printing process minimizes waste and energy usage by optimizing material consumption and production efficiency. This aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including responsible consumption and production, climate action, and sustainable industrial innovation.

How can your technology achieve a 5x faster print?

Thanks to our variable line width technology. A case study in this regard is the printing of phone cases, which have a large ground area. Our nozzle can print these at up to 2 mm width (compared to the industry standard of 0.4 mm), which also increases their strength.

But thicker nozzles also reduce detail in prints?!

Our printers can print at 2 mm, 0.4 mm, and any width in between. This allows us to preserve detail while increasing printing speed on structural areas. The way the filament cools down also contributes to the resulting mechanical strength.

How can you liquidify enough material?

This process is complex, but our specialized nozzle layout and material, combined with our inductive heating technology, allows for rapid, targeted liquefaction within the nozzle

Which 3D printer models are you compatible with?

So far, all Prusa Mk models are compatible. We are working on compatibility with Creality, Sovol and Bamboo Labs printers. We will also be offering our own printer in the near future!

Which Slicer can I use?

Toucan3D's slicer! Our printing technology requires additional information that a regular 3D slicer does not provide. Our slicer employs a highly advanced algorithm and a number of additional optimizations to fulfill this requirement while preserving the usual functionality.

Get your prints done in no time with Toucan3D.

Step 1: Order our pre-release print head

Step 2: Attach it to your own 3D printer

Step 3: Install the Toucan Slicer

Step 4: Slice your own 3D model

Step 5: And print, up to 5x as quickly!


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