Our Vision

At Toucan3D we are committed to driving the evolution of 3D printing. Our vision is to enable the next significant leap forward in this dynamic field, making 3D printing more accessible, efficient, and versatile than ever before. 


We revolutionize the 3D printing process through our innovative variable linewidth technology. This advanced technique enables our printers to adjust the width of the extrusion lines dynamically during the printing process. By intelligently combining multiple lines into a single, wider line where possible, our technology significantly reduces the travel distance of the printer head.


Up to 80% Faster Print Time

One of the big hurdles of 3D printing is the extended amount of time required to make a high-quality print. Our team developed a 3D printing solution that accelerates the printing process by up to 80%. Our solution incorporates innovative hardware and smart algorithms, enabling you to print at a faster rate, lower cost, and higher quality than ever before.

Stronger Prints

Prints that are more durable and resilient than ever before. Our technology uses advanced processes to ensure that your prints have high structural integrity and performance. Whether you need to print prototypes or series models we help you achieve your goals with confidence and quality.


We want to reduce waste and improve efficiency in the printing industry. That's why our technology can be retrofitted to existing printers, making them eco-friendlier and more cost-effective.

Improved Quality

The improved quality of the components eliminates the need for post-processing. This saves time and resources and reduces the risk of errors or defects. The components are ready to use as soon as they are produced, ensuring high performance and reliability.


With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we are committing our company and our main purpose to a worthy cause. From top down with every decision the SDGs are considered and kept in mind. 

Our innovation opens up new possibilities for FDM printing, allowing it to replace traditional and rigid manufacturing methods. FDM printing can produce complex and customized shapes with less waste and lower costs than traditional methods. Our innovation improves the quality and performance of FDM printing, making it more versatile and adaptable to different applications and industries.

Our FDM printing process is optimized for efficiency and speed. We can produce parts and products on demand without wasting materials or energy. This is in line with our commitment to SDG 12, which aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

We aim to provide high quality service and support to our international customers and partners while contributing to the global effort to combat climate change and environmental degradation.

Our printing methods reduce energy use compared to traditional methods. This saves costs and helps minimize the effects of climate change.
We demonstrate environmental responsibility and social impact by adopting more effective and eco-friendly practices.

Our Team

Thomas Seidl

Mechanical engineer with expertise in product development and FDM manufacturing. ūüõ†ÔłŹ

Andreas Zapfl

Rich background in business and tech, driving innovation and growth in the 3D printing sector. ūüöÄ

Markus M√ľller

Experienced hardware engineer with years of background in the startup industry and the gym. ūüí™

Peter Waldert

Developing our cutting-edge slicer. Oxford MSc graduate in Maths. BSc in Physics and Computer Science. ūü™ā

And you?

We are looking for support in the areas of software, hardware and customer care. 
Get in touch! ūüďßūüėä



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